Croatia | 2020

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Paradis House | 2020

Stage: Under construction, due to be completed in summer 2022

The house was built in 1920 with Natural stone from the region of Paradis. 


The house was a ruin but with beautiful original features and character. The concept for the home is to maintain the original charm while adding a significant extension to provide a modern Croatian villa. The home has a small outhouse that will also be extended and refurbished into a guest house. The material stone materials inspired the overall design with the stone being repaired and reveals to become the main feature of the external elevations.

The site sits overlooking a beautiful valley and hillside. The elevated patio and balconies are all positioned to capture the evening sun and the beautiful vistas of the countryside. The focus of this house is the outdoor spaces for eating, leisure and relaxing. Each bedroom has an en-suite to allow the house to be used by either a family or a group of friends.